CSC RO XII Trainings Privacy Policy

The CSC RO XII Learning and Development Program is designed to facilitate the L&D needs of Government Employees and other aspiring eligibles that needs to acquire government training hours. This system contains the current year's Training Calendar for public information and registration. All registrations made on this website will solely be used for the records of the Civil Service Commission and shall be maintained in confidentiality. Any information entered by the user will be saved in the server database of registered participants to be downloaded upon full payment of the participant. Such data will be used in the printing of Certificate of Trainings and other training-related documents. Such database shall be maintained and used when applicants requests for authentication of ther Certificates. Other irrelevant information such as, but not limited to Date of birth, Age, Salary Grade and Position will be discarded when the Certificate has been printed.

For any concenrns or queries, please contact the Civil Service Commission RO XII Human Resource Division through the following:

Tel: (083) 825-3929

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